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Driver Training

Defensive Driver Training

On South African roads there are over half-a-million collisions per year, and your chances of being involved in one are extremely high. We have structured our defensive driver training course in such a way to equip drivers with the necessary attitude, awareness and physical skills to avoid being in potentially life threatening situations.

Module1 - Theory

The theoretical presentation covers all the necessary driving skills required for a defensive driver. Subjects including mental, physical and emergency skills are covered in detail. Visual aids and multimedia are extensively used to illustrate key points.

The presentation is conducted in a relaxed discussion format, where participants are encouraged to actively participate.

The total duration of the presentation is approximately three hours.

Module 2 - On Road Training

During the on-road training, participants are first assessed on their current driving abilities and then shown the correct methods for safer driving. Training is conducted on a one on one basis, ensuring a more concentrated training session. This on-road training takes place in the participant’s own vehicle. Training time is approximately 75 minutes, followed by a short de-briefing period. Participants then receive a complete report on their driving, with areas in need of attention clearly marked.

Module 3 - Evaluation

Approximately four weeks after initial training, participants are evaluated on whether they are driving to the approved defensive driving standards.On successful completion of the course, each participant will receive a Defensive Driving Certificate, which is valid for a two-year period. We currently offer one of the most stringent competence levels in our industry with a minimum pass mark of 70% required. Through practising and applying the defensive skills this mark is easily obtainable, likewise laziness and the wrong attitudes will certainly show in the candidates end result.

Final driver reports will be handed to the responsible company representative to add to their driver profiles.

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